The pattern party is starting, are you coming?

Stop on by!  The first installment of  my new ecommerce website is ready for you.  Come find those quilting patterns you’ve been needing to make those beautiful quilts more special.

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If you already got a peek, be sure to enter the address freshly into your browser and do NOT follow the link that it offers up from your history, or you might see an older version of the site.

The site will be worked on every day, so it will be getting fuller and fuller of patterns.

How can I use those animal patterns in my quilt?


Below is the first step of my work on Marge’s quilt, the computerized images, then I came back with a more neutral thread color and freehand quilted the backgrounds and patchwork blocks.wild animals quilting patterns www.lauraleefritz.net163 marges wolf

I simply asked her for a list of her favorite things, and sorted through my patterns to match the list.

Houston, we have a teacher!

Oh happy day,

My class proposals have been accepted for the Houston International Quilt Festival this fall.
Three classes, a lecture, a forum.
That’s all for today,
believe me you will hear lots more about this!


visit for the Quilt Festival website

Quilting fun at Road to California

just playing at the Road to California quilt show
A prize in every quilt.

The good news is this wasn’t a customer quilt, nor anything special.
Of course I always hope when I demonstrate my IntelliQuilter stitching out my pantograph designs, that I will get a nice booth sample as a result.
Surprised we were, when the sun shining in the door to the loading dock backlit this little extra tidbit – a soft paper napkin I am guessing – sandwiched within the quilted layers.
Other than that it was a great show, wonderful surprise to get to visit with quilting contacts from Montana and Alaska, both of whom I will see more of this summer.
Thank you all who spent so much time getting to know some new tricks with this superb computer system that runs our longarms.
For the rest of you –
What if YOUR longarm gets computerized?

167 patterns and counting

Vast amounts of data loading and formatting details are coming to a head on the ecommerce site for my continuous line patterns.

I expect it to make the website LIVE within a week.

The address won’t be here, instead it will be

I will admit our internet service is as bad as it can get, so when the progress I need to make with an Internet connection gets bogged down, I resort to creating more patterns for the site, I guess we all win there!
Thankfully the digitizing software works with NO need to be connected to the Internet.
More than half of my patterns have been re-imagined and then redrawn for my web-store, to make them flow more successfully, and to give many designs a whole environment surrounding the character featured. You will well served by the new versions.

I can hardly wait to show you!
Ok, back to the drawing board.

Continuous quilting pattern
This is part of the logo for a locale establishment, shown before it was quilted on hemp canvas to sample bags to sell in their shop.

Merry Christmas Everyone Ecommerce Site almost ready for launch

quilted by longarm from Laura's sketch
our cashmere goat used to stand on the sheep to eat from pine branches

I quilted this on felt, recording it as I worked.  I will at some point digitize the design from this recording, but it will be available on my ecommerce site in the Extreme Digital category.

That will be a catalog of designs which I have recorded, and the stitch files are very crowded with anchor points.  They may stitch slowly for you, maybe not.  I can put the file on our second IQ and sew on Ron’s machine, without it being slow to stitch.

We love the photo Ron took at our Montana farm, I  had to sketch from memory, since the photo was too busy with real life details…and I was at work without the photo when it was time to act on the inspiration.

I prefer it as a stylized representation of the reality.

News Flash!

My ecommerce website is about to go live.  You can visit it now and sign up to be notified when it is public.


The ecommerce site (where you can buy patterns to quilt by machine or hand) IS:

It is totally secure, hosted by Shopify, with a great history of hosting “the big guys” in industry.


Art imitates life

Le Chauvet cave art quilting pattern by Laura Lee Fritz
I love to wake before the sun rises, to watch the color of light change.
The orioles are enjoying the hummingbird feeder outside my window, while I draw with my morning cup of coffee.
As I begin to join the day, I think I’m going to work on my website structure, but always, the morning light lures me into playing with lines and inventing new patterns. Oh my, more to digitize.
Truly I have thousands of drawings to prepare for this site. Phew, very exciting.

I sit to digitize and organize in the afternoon after a few hours of quilting tops for my local quilters.
Like most of life, the couple hours of making something (digital designs) is accompanied by the hours and hours of organizing and cleanup.
In this case cleaning up my procedures so the hundreds of designs I’m readying for this site don’t get misfiled, mislabeled, stored in the wrong folders.
What SKU number shall I give a pattern, what keywords? Glad I didn’t send some of these already, their names needed changing by the time I really got serious about them being ready.
The dense part is this, the beginning.
Applying a clear protocol should be the answer to a swift progression though, once the flood gates open.
Did you notice the pages are starting to clear off the header menu? They have lots more photos on them, but are now tucked into the Gallery. I don’t want to clutter the path to the digital download patterns.
Enough chat, back to bed so I can work fresh in the morn.

Road to California here we come

Combination of freehand quilting and computerized.
Combination of freehand quilting and computerized.

We are on our way to Road to California, to take our IntelliQuilter booth again.

Come by for a free IQ lesson, whether you are an experienced owner, a newbie, or just looking.

Let me show you how to record your own freehand quilting, how to combine freehand with digital imagery, how to edit and play with digital designs in your library.

January 21-25, 2015  Ontario Convention Center, very close to the Ontario Airport in Los Angeles, California

ps:  if your quilting machine needs a service call, Ron Paul is now making a schedule for southern California, to coincide with his drive to the show.  406-550-9026

Laura’s Continuous Line                                                                                                                                                               COPY and PASTE the link above, into your internet browser, to see the new project, and offer your support.

Three things I learned from Kickstarter were:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           set a lower goal just in case you cannot get everyone’s attention,                                                                                                                                   you cannot put private support donations in via your own Amazon login account,                                                                                                                                              and Don’t Give Up, because you can relaunch the project with another goal, another name, and a new deadline.

Rollin’ home – and Editing continuous lines in IQ

hemp handbag quilted with baseball batter and crowd continuous line patterns
baseball batter and crowd scene continuous lines quilted onto hemp, made into zippered handbag
Just leaving Los Angeles for a beautiful drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.
Spent this weekend training IntelliQuilter owners how to split-stretch-combine. We also put productive time in learning to create No-sew Zones around appliqués.
Was supposed to fly home but for two days now my flights have been cancelled by fault of low visibility in San Francisco.
If you have IQ and want to get the brief on what we practiced regarding the split-stretch-combine editing techniques, you can see my short video on my channel.
Navigate online to
In the “what to watch” search box enter laura Lee fritz
You can look at all or just one of my videos.
I will make a new video public every week, about Thursday.
As I procede in my website construction, all those videos will be here on this website.